IFS certificate

The IFS certification stands for the highest level of active food safety.

>> IFS certificate


QS certification

We are certified QS.

>> QS certificate


HALAL certification

The HALAL certificate certifies that the beef is handled strictly in accordance with the Muslim faith.

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BIO Certificate

We are certified BIO.

>> BIO Certificate


Member of German Meat and VDF

LiBreCo is a member of the leading German export promoter German Meat. This underlines our commitment to expanding our successful export business.

LiBreCo and the other companies in the VDF (German Meat Association) form a strong community.

German MeatGerman Mean Association

First Germany, now the world

LiBreCo is excellent value and our partners can feel safe in the knowledge that we produce large quantities to meet their needs. We are, of course, certified under IFS Standard Version 6 (higher level). When it comes to food safety, LiBreCo is uncompromising.